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This masterclass discuss how HR should take an active role in developing leaders by encouraging them to fill their skills gap while also utilizing and enhancing their strengths. By creating effective strategies for identifying and developing potential leaders, you thereby ensure a sustainable and competitive company.

To learn more about this and how organisations should identify and develop future leaders, this is for you.

Generation Z is entering the workforce and will soon account for over a third of the global population. That’s why organizations that understand Gen Z and their drive and motivation will be well-positioned to ensure their successful inclusion within multi-generational workplaces and reap the benefits they bring to the workforce.

So, to learn more about the future workforce, its challenges and opportunities, this masterclass is for you.

Hiring a diverse workforce is not only humane but critical. This is because more people can relate to people from different backgrounds, therefore you can use diversity to create pools of talent that can drive the business forward.

So, to learn more about Building A Diverse and Targeted Talent Pool, Benchmarking D&I Best Practices and, and Creating actionable D&I strategies, go watch this masterclass.

Jobs are already evolving. In 2018, an average of 71% of total task hours was performed by humans, and 29% were done by machines. This has led to many employees fearing that machines will soon replace and take the jobs away from them.

How should organizations prepare for a future workforce with robots, and how should employers prepare their employees for the changing nature of work? This masterclass will teach you how.

This masterclass will provide you with tangible insights on how your organization can start leading from a distance. On this masterclass, we two leading HR SVP’s are going to give their tips on how to lead from a distance.

You will learn: What future leadership capabilities are needed, how to better understand employees and their challenges from a distance & how to incorporate your digital leadership with your long term strategy.


Over the past decade, reports have shown about 30% of new hires in organisations have come from employee referrals, therefore creating and managing a vibrant employee referral program makes good talent-acquisition sense as results show employee-referred candidates are more likely a good cultural fit and are generally onboarded easier.

In this masterclass you will learn to tap into current and new talent pools through the use of employee referrals.


Coronavirus has disrupted recruitment but not reinvented it. The way companies recruit now will likely change forever, inevitably becoming more digital. How companies respond to Covid-19 and adjust their hiring funnel now will decide the fate of organisations going forward.

This masterclass will discuss the future challenges and how HR leaders can better prepare for recruitment in a post crisis world.


Previously, remote working had the stigma of being less productive than working from an office, but by being thrown in at the deep end, we know now this isn’t the case. 

In the masterclass we are going to explore how HR can use remote working learnings to their advantage to help with employees productivity, mental health and team culture. Especially, how remote working can serve as a competitive advantage for businesses.

In light of Covid-19, HR has taken on a new role, moving beyond traditional recruiting, talent, and performance management into areas such as contact tracing, mental health, and workplace safety. 

Chief among the new paradigm that HR must focus on is workforce planning, especially important as leaders navigate uncertainty such as a second wave of COVID-19. Now it’s about planning for the month’s ahead!


Robotics and technology are an increasingly important element of every department of the business – including HR. But where should technology begin and how should the human role be in the process?

During this HRTechX masterclass, HR specialists from Illum, 3, and Peakon will discuss and share their insights on how they use HR tech to enhance the employee experience, build a strong culture and maintain good a customer experience.



Business disruptions can impact organizations of any size in any location. From virus outbreaks to climate change, every organization needs to develop a business continuity plan to ensure its business operations can continue, no matter the disruption.

Top CHRO’s discuss the essential topics of Resilience and Perseverance, and provide tangible insights and strategies on how companies will handle the post-Covid-19 crisis.

Covid-19 has pushed forward digital agendas for all companies around the world, enabling them to work remotely and with much flexibility. Now, People Analytics the deep data-driven and goal-focused method of studying people processes, functions, challenges, and opportunities at work have grown and become a must-have.

Elevating these systems and achieve sustainable business success.

Lou is the author of the books “Hire With Your Head” and “The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired” and one of the world’s best recruitment thinkers. 

Lou shares his view on the main issues within recruitment, biases in job postings and the importance of optimizing the overall process and not just parts of it. His tangible insights will provide you with great insights into how you can optimize your recruiting.

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