Tomorrow’s HR leaders will need to be bigger, broader thinkers, and they’ll have to be tech-savvy and nimble enough to deal with an increasingly agile and hybrid workforce. Technology is freeing up HR to take on bigger-picture matters, making the field more exciting, more eager for diversity and learning, and perhaps more competitive as well.

The following four Main Topics will guide the conference:

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

The first topic will address how technology impacts recruitment and onboarding. More specifically, this track will dive into areas such as how recruitment processes will change in the digital age, how technological change influence onboarding processes, and why onboarding is more important than ever in a hybrid workforce.


Performance Management

The second topic will provide valuable insights on how to improve your performance management. This will include how innovation and HR tech can monitor progress and analyse employees’ work, attitude, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Learning & Development

The third topic dives into how to implement new L&D strategies that benefits the company. Employees needs to develop skills and capabilities at a faster pace than ever seen before. Technology is changing rapidly and it is crucial to have the most up to date L&D programs implemented to stay ahead.


Compensation, benefits & well-being

The fourth topic goes in-depth with the needs for new more agile compensation and benefit programs in a world with a hybrid workforce. Furthermore, this topics addresses the future for safety and mental health in a period with unprecedented amount of stress and burnouts.



November 2nd

Welcome to HRtechX Copenhagen 2022, the leading HRtech conference in Europe.

The Official Introduction to HRtechX Copenhagen 2022.

Marieke Bos van den Berg

Group SVP HR Northern Europe & DACH
lise linnebjerg vestas

Lise Andersen Linnebjerg

Director of Global Talent Acquisition

Jonas Haukaas

Managing Director

Dorthe Bregnhøj

VP, Head of Talent

Leo Hawkins

Global VP of HR

Mikkel Severin

Keynote Speaker, Result Maker & Executive Advisor
Morten Frimand

Morten Frimand

b&o by bang & olufsen
Rune Sloth Aasmoe

Rune Sloth Aasmoe

Senior Development Specialist, People & Culture
b&o by bang & olufsen
Kristian Mørk Puggaard

Kristian Mørk Puggard

Managing Partner
Damvad Analytics

– What are the future trends of L&D in the digital age?
– How do you develop a long-term strategy for learning, reskilling, and upskilling?
– How do you adapt to ever changing markets?

Tina Bodin

Peter Manniche Riber

Peter Manniche Riber

Head of Digital Learning & Analytics
Novo Nordisk
Christian Haahr Sigsgaard

Christian Haahr Sigsgaard

Global Learning & Development Director

Grab yourself a lunch and network with HR Leaders, Professionals & Innovators.

Lena Thompson

Future of Work Consultant & Keynote Speaker

Birgitte Brix Bendtsen

Executive Vice President of People
Better Energy

Chris Hovde

Global People Movement Lead

Astrid Sundberg

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Chisom Udeze


Mette Nørr Gantzhorn


Norma Taylor Ladousse

CMO Talent Acquisition

Zev Eigen

Founder, Chief Data Scientist

Miikka Tuomala

Head of Sales

Dr. Poornima Luthra

Award-Winning Educator, TEDxSpeaker & Corporate Trainer
copenhagen business school HRtechx

Pierre Escaich

Neurodiversity Talent Program Director

Nemo D'Qrill

CEO & Founder

Sharon O'Conner

Global Lead Employee Wellbeing

Cornelia Kaufmann

Chief Culture Officer

Bjarne Toftegard

Occupational Psychologist & Author

Aki D. Palikaras

HR Partnering Director - Global & Corporate Functions

Erik Ebert

Director of People Analytics & Business Development

David Millner


Nigel Dias

Managing Director

Thomas Moeller Lybaek

HR Process Innovation Director

Bertrand Rajon

Ecosystems Disruption Lead
Dave Millner

David Millner

Author, Futurist and Consulting Partner
HR Curator

Official thank you and final remarks to HRtechX Copenhagen 2022

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