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We visited Patrick Lund, Founder, and CEO of Graduateland, to learn about the development within talent attraction

My name is Patrick. I am the CEO and Founder of GraduateLand. Graduateland is an ecosystem that connects three stakeholders: candidates, companies, and universities. For the first 10 years of Graduateland’s history, we worked primarily with connecting candidates and the companies via the universities, namely the university portals that we have in the Nordics. The last year that has changed dramatically the universities are playing a much bigger part in this ecosystem now because they are facilitating these virtual career fairs. A product that we have been working on and developing during the last five years but which the universities have now radically adopted. So it has changed the whole ecosystem and the dynamics between the three stakeholders because the universities play a much more active role in the connection of the candidates and the companies. 

Can you give an example of how companies use digitized recruitment tools to strengthen their recruitment?

We see that the successful companies are the ones that are proactive and are using the different technological means of actually engaging with the candidates. As an example, the companies that do virtual open houses have a way to communicate their story, their narrative, and all the awesome things about working at their company to several hundred prospective candidates at the same time. Then the ones that you engage with during the virtual open day are the ones that continue in your talent pipeline. That is one example of leveraging new technologies that we see are becoming a part of the new normal. 

What are the Benefits of Hosting Digital Recruitment Events?

We experience that the companies that we work with in relation to executing these virtual open days are that they get a much better understanding of the audience that they engage with. The interesting thing is that when the events are digital it can be different audiences that really start engaging contrary to the physical events. So what we see is that for instance computer science students or STEM profiles, in general, are much more active at digital events than what we know from our experience with the physical events. 

“One bold statement about the future is that in 5 years the job post is dead”

Patrick Lund

How Do You Think the Recruitment Industry Will Change in the Next 5 Years?

One bold statement about the future is that in 5 years the job post is dead. We don’t believe that the way candidates and companies will engage in a few year’s time will be through the conventional ways of just applying for a static job post. We see – already now and it is something that has been accelerated the last twelve months – that this type of relationship will be much more engagement-based. It is going to be something where data is used to facilitate the match but very quickly it becomes about the conversation between the two parties and that can evolve into a quick 10 minutes video conversation and then ultimately a job interview. You may not even need to write the job post in the first place. 

How Will Job Search Change in the Future?

Using a job portal that has 500.000 job posts is not an important thing anymore. It is all about finding the right jobs easily. What we leverage at Graduateland is the data on the user and the behavior which means that every user will have a curated experience on Graduateland. We have teamed up with ‘Google For Jobs’ that is going to drive traffic but once we have the traffic on the site that is when the matching score will be fundamental in actually giving users that unique experience that we see as the most important thing in creating a fantastic user journey. 

How Do You Get the Right Talents?

The fight for talents is intensifying. What that means for you is that you need to get the right talent as early as possible. Whether it is via an internship program or a student job already while these talents are studying because what it means when you land the right talent is that they inspire all the other talents, their peer groups, to consider you as the employer that they are going to join.

How Do You Improve Your Employer Branding?

So we know that there are three things that work really well when you are doing your employer branding. It is 1) being clear on your employer value proposition. It is 2) making sure that that permeates through all your communication and that you are consistent in that value proposition. And 3) make sure that you have your employees speak highly of you. Your employee advocacy should be on point! 

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