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Get Inspired: HR Startup Just Hit $1.4 Billion

Phenom is a global HR tech startup, who uses artificial intelligence to match candidates with jobs. Their intelligent and highly technological ideas present brand new and efficient approaches to talent management, job-seeking tools, and recruiting. And by the way, the company was just valued at $1.4 billion.

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The goal is clear, Phenom wants to help a billion people find the right job. That is more people than what LinkedIn has on their platform. Ambitious you might think. But according to the CEO, Mahe Bayireddi, Phenom has more than a billion profiles across 180 countries, and around 400 different companies are using their technology. Considering that, and the fact that they were just valued at $1.4 billion, they might just get there!

What Phenom does so particularly well is offering personalized job recommendations for their users. They use data on everything from location to browsing behavior on career sites, to pair their candidates with the right job. The resumé that job seekers upload to their profiles also gets scanned to be matched up with job descriptions available on the platform. 

The job market is constantly evolving and it is hard to tell the future, even for an AI start-up like Phenom. That is why the platform also provides career pathing technologies for their users. In this way, Phenom helps employers preparing their employees for the future, by mapping their career steps in the organization. This engages and motivates the employees, but the technology also helps the employer, who achieves an overview and understanding of the visions of the employees. 

Bayireddi is an inspirational figure for the entire HR world and seems to have a hold on exactly what the future of HR looks like.

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