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These 4 Steps Will Make You Ready For the Future of HR

This article summarises the main ideas and findings of an article published in myHRfuture written by Caroline Styr.

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As we live in an ever-changing world, there can be no doubt that staying up to date is of great importance. Professionally, it is crucial to keep upskilling and constantly increase your capabilities. But, how can you change your situation from being a laggard to being proactive and making progress? Here, we bring the 4 key steps to building the HR Skills you need for the future. 

  1. Explore. The resources for your growth are endless. Keep expanding your horizon to keep your finger on the pulse.

  2. Identify Roles and Skills. Continuously, identify what emerging roles and skills will be important in the future of HR.

  3. Understand gaps in both skills and experience. What do you need to improve to get to where you want to be?

  4. Find opportunities. Break down the barriers between learning and careers. 


Traditionally, the opinion would be that it is the employer’s responsibility to keep their workers up to date. One study showed that 73% of workers expected their employer to do just that, yet half of them were skeptical about their employers doing so. It is, therefore, time to take matters into your own hands!

There are endless resources you can use for self-development. Podcasts, blogs, webinars, and events will all help you stay tuned and on the front foot, as well as the latest research, insights, and opinions will. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Identify Roles and Skills 

Jill Goldstein, global practice lead for talent and HR operations at management consulting firm Accenture, gives us her opinion on the future of HR. Per SHRM, she says: ‘’I think we’re going to see HR positions develop in such a way that they will probably be one of the most sought-out professions in the enterprise.‘’  HR professionals will be more important than ever, but it is utterly vital to understand what makes them so important. 

One of the most genuine concerns we hear from fellow HR professionals is that, in the future, everyone will have to be technical experts, not to be replaced by AI. Let us clarify, once and for all, that is not the case. The skills needed in future HR are genuinely a mix of tech and non-tech expertise. MyHRfuture has identified people analytics, strategic workforce planning, digital HR and HR technology, stakeholder management, design thinking, and consulting & influencing as the six most crucial HR skills of the future. Evidently, there are both tech and non-tech roles out there for HR professionals to grow into! 

Understand Your Gaps

When having identified the roles and skills in the future of HR, it is time to make a ‘skill diagnosis’. What are your strengths? Where do you lack expertise? And most importantly, where do you need to improve to get to where you want to be? All this can seem like simple advice, and it is. But the importance here lies in being honest and critical of yourself and thinking broadly and ambitiously about the opportunities that lie ahead.

48% of an ‘HR Skills of the Future’ survey stated that they spent no time on formal online training provided by their company – fortunately, as we have discussed earlier, there are unlimited opportunities out there, all ready to grab. 

Find opportunities

MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte recently published a report called ‘Opportunity Marketplaces’. The description for ‘Opportunity Marketplaces’ goes as follows: 

“Opportunity Marketplaces are systems, digital platforms, and virtual places where organizations provide — and workers find — the opportunities most relevant to their mutual benefit and success. In an effective marketplace, the enterprise offers its worker’s defined options for professional development, mentorship, project participation, and networking, among others.”

Now, what does this actually mean? It means breaking down the barriers between learning and career. It means upskilling while getting valuable experience. And that is precisely how we should see the future of HR and its direction: As a merging of opportunities and experiences. We will see a merging of learning, skills, jobs, and career development with you, the worker, in the center of it all. If your company has already noticed this, that is great! Luckily, there are endless resources out there for you to start your personal growth if they haven’t. 

Primary Sources: HRtechX & myHRfuture

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