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Top 3 Startup Hiring Challenges (and Tips to Overcome Them)

How do you overcome startup hiring challenges? When it comes to recruiting, startups face 3 main challenges. Here is an explanation of these challenges and the best practices tips for overcoming them.

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First challenge: Startups lack hiring resources
Small companies and startups usually struggle with a lack of knowledge, resources and time to hire. They don’t have a dedicated in-house recruiter with the right hiring expertise and experience. They struggle to find, attract and select the right people for their open positions and company.

How to overcome this challenge?
Learn how to excel at the full cycle recruiting process. Write a great job posting, follow best job advertising practices, implement an employee referral program, learn how to be a good interviewer and ask the best job interview questions.

Second challenge: Startups have yet to build their (employer) brand
Startups are small companies just getting started, with no established brand and reputation. This is why most people are suspicious and won’t trust them. Yes, you may succeed, but hey, most startups fail, don’t they? It’s a big risk to work for a startup — a risk most people aren’t willing to take.

How to overcome this challenge?
You need to establish your employer brand and build your reputation as a great employer. Learn how to build your employer branding strategy in 5 easy steps and use social media to promote your employer brand.

Third challenge: Startups can’t offer competitive compensation packages
Startups can never compete with compensation packages and benefits offered by big corporations. This is why it is hard for them to compete with big brands in a war for talent. Why would top talent come to work for you instead for an established company with a great reputation that offers much higher salary?

How to overcome this challenge?
Okay, so maybe you can’t offer the biggest paycheck and extravagant benefits and you don’t have a fancy office. However, there are still important perks you can offer, such as flexible working time and work from home options. You can also offer a friendly, non-corporate office atmosphere. Dig deeper and highlight the right components of your employee value proposition which can serve as a magnet for talent.

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