What is most important to candidates looking to make a job move?

MRINetwork has found that 72% of candidates are driven by career advancement opportunities which are the number one reason why people change jobs.

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Top candidates that are looking to make job moves are most focused on jobs that can provide advancement opportunities (72%), followed by improved compensation packages (57%).

This demonstrates that while compensation is an important deciding factor, job moves are largely driven by the chance for more responsibility and upward mobility that typically result in greater compensation. That said, the opportunity must present a reasonable work-life balance to be considered worthwhile.

In conclusion, candidates want to hear real examples of how an organization’s best employees have advanced. Companies can demonstrate that upward mobility is a part of their culture by implementing career- pathing – a process by which managers and their direct reports map out a long-term plan for the employee’s incremental progression to new roles in the company. This can be an effective strategy to engage and retain top performers, empowering them to drive their own careers.


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