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What is Google’s secret?

Did you ever wonder what a job interview at Google is like? How does Google manage to choose the top talent in their interviewing process?

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Their big secret is called — structured interviewing. According to Google, structured interviewing simply means using the same interviewing methods to assess candidates applying for the same job. Google defines structured interviewing as using the same interview questions, grading candidate responses on the same scale, and making hiring decisions based on consistent, predetermined qualifications.

Structured interviewing is a process where candidates are asked a consistent set of questions and clear criteria are used to assess the quality of responses. Structured interviews are used all the time in survey research. The idea is that any variation in candidate assessment is a result of the candidate’s performance, not because an interviewer has higher or lower standards, or asks easier or harder questions.

Overall, Google found that:
1) Structured interviews are better at indicating who will do well on the job
2) Interviewers are happier and saving time
3) Structured interviews make candidates happier as well.

Source: Medium

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