The 11 Traits Of Ultra High Performing Teams

Here's the understatement of the year: Sometimes our groups are a lot less healthy than they appear to be on the outside.

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One of the reasons it’s hard to spot institutional problems is the signs of a less-healthy group are actually things that are missing. Things like a lack of trust in each other’s intentions, a lack of healthy conflict, a lack of psychological safety, and a lack of disparate thinking—when these lurk behind a PR-friendly façade, it’s like a person who seems put together but whose organs are about to fail.

So how functional (or not) is your team? Here are the elements broken down:

Dysfunctional teams:
1) Lack Trust
2) Lack Alignment

Functional teams have:
1) Trust
2) Alignment
3) Healthy Boundaries
4) Social Awareness
5) Empathy
6) Information Transparency

Super-functional teams have:
1) All of the Functional team attributes, plus
2) Purpose
3) Psychological Safety
4) Diversity of Thought
5) Productive Conflict
6) Intellectual Humility

Source: Forbes

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