How To Stop Committing The Most Common Sins Of Thought Leadership

We all have favorite business leaders we regularly follow for their expertise. We glean value from their insights and perspective and have come to know, like, and trust them from the knowledge they share.

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And because they do this regularly, we look to them as an emotionally intelligent guideposts who strive to serve others by communicating the lessons they’ve learned in an engaging and compelling way.Their thought leadership isn’t accidental; they’re communicating with intention.

They also understand a simple truth: sharing your wisdom doesn’t diminish your impact; it amplifies it. But what and how you convey that wisdom matters, and avoiding common pitfalls can help any leader elevate their personal brand and thought leadership status.

Here’s a breakdown of the seven thought leadership missteps:

1. You only share the wins

2. You push your product or service

3. You try to cover too much ground

4. You never get to the point

5. You share haphazardly or infrequently

6. You post and ghost

7. You’re not telling a consistent career story

Source: Forbes

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