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ATS vs Recruitment Marketing Software: What is the Difference and Why do You Need Both?

What is the difference between Recruitment Marketing Software and ATS? And why do you need both of these tools to gain advantage in today’s ultra-competitive market?

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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software designed to help HR teams track and manage applications, as its name suggests. An ATS appeared in the nineties, when HR teams’ biggest struggle was managing numerous applications and selecting the best among them.

In other words, an ATS is designed to help HR teams improve their hiring process after they receive applications. As such, it doesn’t help HR teams to tackle the greatest challenge of modern time recruiting — attracting passive candidates.

A Recruitment Marketing Software is an innovative software program designed to help HR professionals attract great potential candidates and turn them into applicants.

Using a Recruitment Marketing Software will enable you to build awareness about your employer brand, get potential candidates interested in working at your company and to drive them to apply for the open positions your company has available.

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